Reading With Wendy

At the beginning of this month, we were lucky to have Walter Scott host a reading from his comic book series Wendy.


Scott conceived of Wendy out of his post-art school life in Montréal. Pulling much of the content from real life experiences, the series follows Wendy, a twenty-something contemporary art world hopeful, as she finds herself continuously distracted by the urban party punk scene and the temptations that come with it. Her clumsy tendency for failure and ill-advised decisions makes her a complex, laughable and disarmingly relatable protagonist. 

 Walter Scott, creator of  Wendy

Walter Scott, creator of Wendy

  Wendy  by Walter Scott

Wendy by Walter Scott

During the reading, Scott asked the audience to participate by taking turns reading the lines of different characters in a selection of three chapters from Wendy as he projected each page on the wall. Most of us having admittedly found ourselves in situations similar to Wendy, she elicits our empathy and becomes a mode through which we can laugh a bit at ourselves. 

After the reading, guests had a chance talk with Walter Scott and to get their personal copy of Wendy signed!

Check out more Wendy in Walter Scott's Wendy Critical Reader, a collection of stories complete with a limited edition poster and tote bag!

- Amanda Brown