September Events Spotlight

Next week is already Expo Chicago, and we're running around like crazy trying to get everything in order for all of our events. But I've managed to sneak away for a few minutes to give you a preview of some of the titles we're going to have available at our grand opening on September 19th!

Mickalene Thomas' Origins of the Universe

This catalogue for Thomas' 2012/13 exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art sold out quickly, and our copies are some of the last few available.

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

The book features 26 full colour plates of Thomas' paintings and photographs, two essays (by Sarah Lewis and Denise Murrell) and an interview with the artist by Lisa Melandri, the editor of the volume.

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

Check out those gatefolds!

Mickalene Thomas' exhibition, "I Was Born to Do Great Things" is happening at our 835 W. Washington Blvd. gallery (just down the hall from Editions) from September 19th to November 15th.

Glenn Kaino's Communicating Rooks

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

This catalogue, published on the occasion of Kaino's 2008 exhibition "Transformer: The Art of Glenn Kaino" at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, is another out of print gem. It features a number of critical texts and a thorough overview of Kaino's varied and fascinating career.

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

Glenn Kaino's "Leviathan" will be at our 219 North Elizabeth St. space from September 19 to December 20th.

Tavares Strachan's Seen/Unseen

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

This beautiful, brand new catalogue by the artist Tavares Strachan is notably different from the other volumes I'm highlighting. True, this is also an exhibition catalogue, for Strachan's 2011 "Seen/Unseen," but, unlike almost all other catalogues, this is a commemoration of an event
that no one, save the artist and those who worked on it, actually had an opportunity to see. As such, the catalogue takes the place of the exhibition proper, and allows its readers to experience Strachan's art the way we encounter so much art in the world--mediated and flattened out. Only, in the case of Strachan's book, the pretense is removed and we understand that this is the only way we will see the exhibition.

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

Having the book act as the exhibition reifies the text of one of its pieces, "You Belong Here." The book allows each of its readers to view it equally without privileging one geography over another.

Tavares is going to be doing two events with editions, a book launch on September 19th, and a discussion with curator Franklin Sirmans on September 20th as a part of Expo Chicago's Dialogues series. Read more about these events here.

Jessica Stockholder's YourSkinInThisWeatherBourneEye-Threads&SwollenPerfume

editions kavi gupta bookstore chicago

This exhibition catalogue for Jessica Stockholder's 1995/96 exhibition at the Dia Center for the arts is not the newest book we have about her work, but it's an exquisite document that weaves together critical writing, poetry, images of Matisse paintings, Franz Kafka quotes and, of course, images of the artist's installation. For someone who has innumerable volumes published about her or including her, this one immediately popped out for a number of reasons. The diversity of its writing paired with its minimal design (it is made by Dia, after all) is all complimented nicely with the surprise at the end of the book--an elaborate pop-up that seamlessly relates to Stockholder's oeuvre.

This is an exciting book to get in now, as Stockholder will be debuting a large sculpture as a part of Expo Chicago's In/Situ next week.